Well maintained, fully functioning computer, network and peripheral systems are vital to the success of everyday business. The best way for equipment and systems to remain in top-notch condition, while ensuring a minimum of downtime, is with Pc-Direct Maintenance Program.

We aim to respond to each job and and complete within 24hrs and you can be kept up to date at any time of the progress at hand.

Pc-Direct hardware maintenance program is designed to offer the following packages:


1. Preventive Maintenance

Pc-Direct is dedicated to the proactive approach of preventive maintenance. Regularly scheduled cleaning and testing can spot small problems before they escalate. THIS PROACTIVE PROGRAM PAYS FOR ITSELF THE FIRST TIME A BREAKDOWN IS AVOIDED. Preventative maintenance is much more than dust and dirt removal. Diagnostics testing can alert a technician to a potential hazard before it becomes a real system problem. Systems are thoroughly cleaned and inspected, on a periodic basis, to spot small problems that could ultimately turn into catastrophes if left unchecked. Equipment that is well maintained experiences fewer failures; fewer failures equal less downtime: less downtime equals less stress, more productivity and more profitability. Furthermore, service is performed on-site, so as not to interrupt busy work schedules. A regularly scheduled preventive maintenance inspection is our approach to providing quality support and service with a minimum of downtime.


2. Deliverables

Pc-Direct Preventive Maintenance inspection includes the following services:

  • Cleaning of all external surfaces (including monitor and keyboard).
  • Thorough inspection of the entire system.
  • Dust and dirt removal inside the system.
  • Resetting of all internal connectors, boards, and chips.
  • Cleaning of floppy drive mechanisms.
  • Inspection, cleaning and lubricating of printers, print heads and paper sensors.
  • Operational and diagnostic testing.


3. Preventive Maintenance Schedule

  • Once per quarter, on a specific day to be determined. Variations are negotiable.


4. Response Time

As part of our maintenance program, our trained engineers and technicians are dispatched upon request to attend to service calls at quick response time. Equipment malfunctions are quickly repaired, ensuring that downtime is kept to a minimum.

The following standard procedures are included:

  • A 24-hour response time; within 24 hours of a service request call, a technician will be on-site solving the problem. For long distance customers, our response time is 48 to 72 hours.
  • As an option, the same day response is available for critical situations at a premium. This is only available for calls within 200 mile radius.
  • Pc-Direct will supply and install the necessary components required to get your systems working smoothly. Critical components are kept in stock or arrangements made for immediate availability upon request. To get your systems fully functional is a priority that Pc-Direct considers most "sacred". Spare parts are on a material cost basis. Labour is covered.
  • Should the repair time become lengthy, substitute equipment may be loaned to keep the client's business running smoothly. This is on a fee basis.

Engineering Charge Orders

Engineering services such as software upgrades, hardware upgrades, new releases, new orders, system relocation, system de-installation, system re-installation and system refurbishing are not components of Pc-Direct Preventive Maintenance Program. Such services shall be billed on a time and material basis.


Responsibilities and Limitations

Pre-existing conditions, damage from misuse, and natural disasters are not covered by the Maintenance Agreement. However, these situations can be addressed on a time and materials basis.