Yes, and even we admit that it wasn't all that long ago that we had no choice but to make a "service call" in person to our customers location. They would call us, make an appointment, then they would need to be sure to be home to meet us in person. Don't get us wrong, they were happy to do so as our support is top notch. There just wasn't an efficient way to log into a machine remotely to make repairs. But as the old saying goes "times, they are a changin".

So don't feel bad if you're hesitating, or have never heard of this type of service. We're here to assure you and answer any questions that you may have about the process. So give us a call and be one of the first on your block to "go remote" with us!


Remote Access

Each half hour: £19.99

We do offer a NO FIX NO FEE, If we cannot fix your computer there is no fee (remote fee will be refunded).



Here's how it works, just call us Monday through Sunday,9am - 9pm, 7 days a week.

0191229 1488 or 0771 9025 788.




Remote Computer Support for Home

4 Easy Steps to Instant Computer Support from only £19.99

1 – Chat To An Engineer

Simply call 0191 2291488 to speak now to you to one of our UK based support people . Before you make any commitment they will give you an estimate for the work you require.

2 – Buy Your Remote Support Units

If you wish to go ahead and you haven’t already purchased remote Support Units with us then we will talk you through the quick and easy process. Alternatively click here to purchase them online now.


Buy Your Remote Support Units »


3 – We Fix Your Problem

We connect to your computer and fix your problem safely and quickly. We then confirm the time taken and deduct the appropriate number of Units from your account. Any remaining Units can be used in the future. If we can’t help we will not deduct any Units and we can arrange an on-site visit if you wish.

4 – Carry On With Your Work Or Play!

Within a short time you’re back up and working. How easy can it be? Call us now on 0191 2291488 or click on the Skype link.


  • Pc-Direct is not responsible for the protection of the data on your computers or any loss of that data resulting from any work undertaken. It is your responsibility to ensure you have a backup of your data BEFORE we perform any work on your computers.
  • Remote Support is charged in 30 minute Units. The charge for each Unit starts in the first minute of each 30 minute session. Therefore the first Unit is due as soon as the work commences, the second Unit is due from the 31st minute onwards, and so on.
  • Any remaining Units after working on your problem can be used another time. Units have a 12 month lifespan.
  • If you would prefer to discuss your requirements first then please call us on 0191 2291488 or e-mail